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Moldy Air Duct Cleaning

Your Air Ducts Could Be Moldy and Why they Should Be Professionally Cleaned

With cooler temperatures, your ductwork can begin to grow mold. This can ultimately affect the air quality in your home or building. If mold(mildew) is growing, it can spread by producing spores that float in the air. These spores can settle in your air conditioning duct work and you may not even know since it may not be seen. When air ducts contain mold, the people in your home or office building are exposed to these spores. Therefore, they can develop allergies, autoimmune disorders, and respiratory conditions. In Florida, with the temperatures cooling off and the alternating high and low humidity, the mold is more likely to grow. As a result, spores may be produced and will ultimately spread. Consequently, this is an ideal time to let Edward’s Air professionally clean your moldy air ducts and remove all mold.

Why Professional Air Duct Cleaning Is So Important

In addition to mold, poor outdoor air quality passes through ductwork. Since it is connected to your air conditioner and heating system, it can cause your air conditioner to run inefficiently. It is important to clean and change your filters regularly.  Clean filters remove built up dust, but more importantly, it is important to employ a professional service such as Edward’s Air to safely and effectively clean and remediate your air ducts. They will check your HVAC system and properly and thoroughly and clean your various heating and cooling systems of all major contaminants.

Finally, Edward’s Air offers maintenance packages to ensure your air ducts are always free of mold, which will ultimately prolong the life of your air conditioner.

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