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Achieving Cost-Efficiency with Pool Heating in Jupiter FL

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On average, the cost of electricity is 49% a year higher for homes with a heated swimming pool. In certain parts of the country, including Florida, a swimming pool in the backyard is considered normal. Even if you live near the beach, there is a good chance that you have a pool, and need pool heating.

The sun works great to keep pool water at a comfortable temperature during the summer. However, in the spring, fall, and winter, many people prefer heated pool water. Otherwise, the water becomes too chilly to really enjoy. With a heater, the pool can be enjoyed year-round.

Electricity Consumption Beyond the Pool

What you may not realize is that the added expense of having a heater is not solely based on the pool itself. Multiple studies have been conducted on this topic, finding that homeowners with heated pools spend close to $500 more each year for electricity and gas. However, for states like Florida, where utilities are higher than in other states, this amount almost doubles. Experts say the difference in energy consumption is the result of many factors beyond the swimming pool.

For instance, the increase in cost comes from pumping and filtering gallons of water, leaving the pool uncovered when not in use, and, often, the size of the home, since many properties with pools are larger than those without pools.

This means that while you will likely pay more each year for a heated pool, by going with an energy-efficient pump, placing a solar cover over the pool when not in use, and considering cost-reducing solutions within the home, you can bring the cost down.\

Because many homes with pools are larger, monthly utilities for heating and cooler are higher. Recognizing this, you can hire Edwards Air for a professional assessment. Our highly trained technicians will look at your current air conditioner and heating system to determine if they need to be replaced or if repair or maintenance is enough to lower your energy bill. Even having our technicians perform a thorough duct cleaning is enough to make a significant difference in the amount that you spend on utilities each month.

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