aircon repair covide-19

A/C Repair During COVID-19

Finding a great AC repair company before the Coronavirus was tough. Finding on during and after it may be hard as well unless you have the right information.

Most AC repair companies have remained open due to their essential business status, but safety is still definitely a concern.

You will want to find a company that is very considerate of the times that we are in and one that is taking the necessary precautions to keep your family safe while providing great AC repair services.

Before googling, “AC repair near me”, you may want to look over the guidelines below.

1. PPE Requirements for your AC Repair Company

AC repair companies should be taking the necessary safety precautions and wearing proper PPE gear. This will give you peace of mind while they work on your unit. It will also show the quality of the company and their attention to detail.

Here are a few guidelines they should be following.

– Wearing masks

– Wearing goggles or face shields

– Wearing gloves

– Frequent use of hand sanitizer

– Following social distancing guidelines

2. Financing

A great AC repair company should be aware of the financial toll that the coronavirus has taken on its customers. Providing customers with financing options to pay for the repairs gives customers the necessary time week to recoup the money they have lost. You will want to find a company that has a variety of these payment options.

Here are a few options that should be available to you.

– Loans paid back in monthly installments

– Credit card payment options

– 0% down payment financing

3. Vetting the Company Online

In the time of COVID-19, being able to vet the AC company online is very important. Before COVID-19, you may have been able to stop by their offices and get detailed information from them. Since social distancing is so key to your safety, AC repair companies should have all the information you need listed on their site.

Here are a couple of pieces of information you should be able to find on their site.

– Where they are located

– How to contact them

– What hours they are available

– COVID-19 safety measures

– How to schedule your appointment

4. What to Do During the Visit

While your AC repair company is fixing your unit, you also have the responsibility to keep you and your family safe. The longer you are around people that are not your family and the closer contact you have with them, the better the chances are that you may contracted COVID-19.

Here are some “to-dos” to follow during the visit.

– Wear a mask

– Follow the social distancing guidelines

– Avoid any physical contact

– Keep your conversation to a minimum

– Open any windows and doors to increase the ventilation


If you are wondering “how do I stay safe while searching for AC repair near me?” the guidelines above should give you step by step process stay safe and get your unit fixed.