Air Conditioning Unit Size

Calculating the Right Size for an Air Conditioning Unit

What Size Air Conditioning Unit Does Your Home Need?

Purchasing a new air conditioning unit for your home can be tough. You have to figure out which features are essential for your day-to-day lifestyle, and even which size category is right for you. Thankfully, determining optimal air conditioner size is as straightforward as relying on this handy calculation strategy. This handy calculator can eliminate a lot of frustrating guesswork for you.

Try a Classic Calculation Formula

If you want to figure out which size is best for you, then multiply the square footage of your living space by 30. After you do that, divide that result by 12,000. Then subtract 1.0.

The formula above will provide you with the necessary weight, and it can be suitable for standard residences throughout the United States. If you live in a dry and hot place, instead of subtracting 1.0 at the end of the formula, you can use “zero.”

The Perfect Size Classification for Your Home

The last thing anyone likes is overpaying for an AC unit. There are plenty of ways to avoid squandering your precious money, including Internet programs. To best assess your situation, you should consider factors like your typical summertime and wintertime temperatures, roofing system coloration, and even shade amounts. The presence of a slab or a basement may also influence your outcome.

If you provide thorough and detail-oriented responses, these Internet programs can assist you. You may receive an assessment that indicates that a four-ton unit is your best choice, or perhaps something bigger or smaller.

Assessment Charts

On the Internet, you’ll find many comprehensive charts that can point you in the right direction. These charts can be suitable for people who require speedy and exhaustive guidance. If you put time into evaluating these charts, you’ll realize swiftly that cooling unit sizes differ based on specific locations. If you reside in the Southwestern part of the United States, don’t expect to have similar unit size requirements to those who are in the Midwest or anywhere else.

Remember, though, that generic charts can’t assess all components, often leaving out insulation varieties, shade amounts, ceiling height, temperature boosts, or anything else along those lines.

Steer Clear of Paying Too Much Money

If you want to feel terrific about your choice in air conditioner size, think everything through.

Immoderately large air conditioners come with a set of headaches. These units fail to operate in complete cycles, which is why they switch on and off regularly. They can cool living spaces in unusually speedy manners.

Overly small air conditioners are also problematic. They overwork because they’re not powerful enough. In all, adequate power levels are vital to correctly cool spaces.

If you use an AC unit size calculator to make an appropriate decision, you don’t have to fret about anything. Air conditioning units of the right size won’t give you any hassles or inconveniences, efficiently cooling spaces. After that, they turn themselves off for a bit, which can considerably decrease your monthly energy expenses.

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