Lyric™ C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera

  • Remote Self-Monitoring — Homeowners can keep a constant eye on their home, no matter where they are
  • On-Device & Cloud Storage — Clips are stored on the included SD card. Plus, secure storage of the past 24 hours is free.
  • Motion Detection With Audio Analytics — Intelligent sound detection identifies smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and sends out real-time alerts
  • Automatic Privacy Mode — Using geofencing technology, the system can tell when homeowners are leaving the premises, and when the camera should go into recording mode
  • Detection Zones — Customers can set up to two detection zones for extra sensitivity or to ignore background motion like a ceiling fan
  • Two-Way Talk — Talk through the camera when communication is necessary
  • Night Vision — Special camera modes ensure clear video footage throughout the day
  • 5-Year Warranty

Great for not only to protect your home and valuables from break ins.

Talk to and monitor your pets, Children at home with a Care Giver,
Workers cleaning, remodeling, or working on your Plumbing/Air Conditioner
No more costly monitoring fees, false alarms where you are charged a penalty. Simple download the app and let the Monitor alert you.

The Wifi Security Camera Works great alone or part of our Home Protection plan
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