Our Heating Services Creating a Warm and Cozy Environment with Clean Air In Your Florida home

Typically, when thinking about Florida you dont need heating services, you envision warm, sunny days. Because this state is hot and humid during the summer months, a properly working AC unit is imperative. However, the temperatures in Florida are also known for becoming quite cool in the winter as well as on occasion throughout the year. If you live or work in North Palm Beach, Jupiter, or Treasure Coast, you want to make sure that both the air conditioning and heating systems are properly working.

Because Florida is a state with plenty of warmth and sunshine, it is easy to overlook the importance of having the heating system repaired or maintained. Unfortunately, it is usually after temperatures drop or indoor air quality diminishes that the mistake is realized. Just as our technicians at Edwards Air are highly qualified to repair, maintain, and install AC systems, they do an incredible job cleaning ducts associated with the heating system.

Benefits of Maintaining a Heating System

Most heating and cooling systems work in conjunction with one another, so you should always have both systems checked. That way, you avoid issues that could be quite expensive. For the best outcome, have ducts in your home or business checked and/or cleaned at least once a year.

At Edwards Air, we offer superior cleaning of the ductwork, which is an essential part of the heating system. As an HVAC system operates, dust and dirt accumulate in key areas. As a result, the efficiency of the heating system becomes compromised. For example, the air filters and condensing coils could deteriorate over time, causing operating efficiency to decline by at least 5%. Then, if the ductwork is not checked and cleaned annually, the buildup worsens, leading to more substantial and costly repairs.

By hiring Edwards Air, you end up with a heating and cooling system that operates at peak performance. This optimal performance will reduce your monthly utility bill.

At Edwards Air, our customers are important to us. For that reason, we offer monthly specials and rebates. When calling to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioner and heating system checked, be sure to ask about current offers.

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