What Is a Whole House Dehumidifier, and How Does It Work?

Florida is a hot and humid state. According to experts, a home or business should have 45 percent to 50 percent relative humidity. If the level climbs higher, a whole house dehumidifier would prove beneficial.

Unique Aspects of a Whole House Dehumidifier

Managing humidity in your home or office is important. When levels are too high, you will sweat profusely, feel fatigued, and deal with a number of other problems, including the growth of mold. To determine just how humid your indoor environment is, you can purchase an inexpensive monitor to track relative humidity. If the levels are above the 50 percent mark, you need to take action.

For minor issues with humidity, people often purchase small dehumidifiers. However, because Florida is so humid, you will do much better by having one of our skilled technicians install a whole house dehumidifier. An Edwards Air technician can do an assessment, then recommend the right whole house dehumidifier based on your needs.

Similar to your air conditioner and heating system, it is important for the size of the dehumidifier to match the size of your home or office. The size of these units is based on the amount of water that they can remove from the air within just one day. Although there are many different options, on average, a whole house dehumidifier will pull anywhere from 90 to 150 pints of water from the air. Because the water is then drained through the plumbing system, this type of unit must be installed by an experienced professional.

At Edwards Air, we have been repairing, servicing, and installing air conditioner and heating systems, UV air purifiers, programmable thermostats, and whole house dehumidifiers for the past 20-plus years. Our prices are highly competitive and our work meets, if not exceeds, industry and business standards. Our goal at Edwards Air is to make sure every customer is satisfied with the results.

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