Pace Financing Alliance NRG

Residential Energy Retrofits

The AllianceNRG Poram porives 100% financing or energy efficiency and renewable energy projects such as LED lightning upgrade of HVAC, new windows, and insulation. We bring substantial resources to help you achieve your goals.

Commercial Energy Retrofits

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate provides up to 30 year financing for energy retrofits including solar, led HVAC or energy saving installments or equipment to enhance your property and improve your building’s value.

What Is PACE Financing ?

PACE is an acronym for “Property Assessed Clean Energy”. A PACE program provides financing for property owners to make qualifying improvements to their businesses or homes. The financing is repaid through a non-ad valorem assessment on the property owner’s annual property tax bill. Pace Financing can be used for your Air Conditioner and Duct Work.

3.99% for 60 or 120 months.

The AlliancesNRG Program, Created in Partnership With Your Local Government, Provides Financing For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Projects For Your Home

  • Fixed Interest Rate Financing Up To 30 Years
  • 100% Financing For Hard And Soft Costs
  • Assessments Tied To Your Property Which May Be Transferred To The New Owner Upon Sale
  • Approval Based Upon Property’s Equity And Not Your Credit Socre

Simple and Affordable

Energy retrofits to your home are affordable and easy. Approvals are not based on credit scores. We offer competitive, long-term financing options that you repay through your property tax bill.

Significant Cost Savings

Energy efficient upgrades simply make sense. It’s technology and simple math. Improve your home, consume less energy, and save more money.

Use to Finance a New Air Conditioner or Replace Duct work

Call today to See what your Alliance NRG Pace Financing can cover to make your Home more Energy Efficient