Air Conditioner Loan
Air Conditioner Loan

Getting a Brand New Central Air Conditioner: 10 Payment Strategies

A central air conditioner can keep your living space refreshing regardless of the temperatures outside. Owning a central air conditioning unit can be a joy. You don’t have to assume that paying for one has to be impossible or hard, either. These ten strategies can do wonders for people who are looking to get a brand new central air conditioner for their properties.

1. Secure a Loan

A loan can be a great way to secure a central air conditioner, and there are all sorts of financing options for this purpose. One speedy choice is getting a loan straight from the business that is going to be installing your new unit. It isn’t unheard of for people to get loan verification in merely a day or so. If you secure a loan, then you may be able to find out about numerous forms of financing.

2. Acquire a Grant

Grants may come in handy for people who need new central air conditioners. Make a point to look into funding options for individuals who are trying to tackle vital household appliance replacement. There are many programs on hand to people in the United States who don’t make a lot of money. Research into suitable programs for people who have trouble keeping up with their monthly HVAC costs.

3. Look Into Government-Created Central Air Conditioner Programs

Find out all you can about programs set up by the government. WAP is short for the US Department of Energy’s “Weatherization Assistance Program.” Through it, you may be able to get funding to purchase cooling and heating devices. If you want to score a new central air conditioning unit with ample energy efficiency on its side, then this kind of program may be a game-changer for you.

4. Think About Your Age Group

Senior citizens of at least 62 years old may be eligible for assistance with central air conditioning unit payments. The United States Department of Agriculture has highly advantageous grants and low-interest loans. These grants can be suitable for several home improvement projects, so they’re a perfect fit for people looking to buy new cooling systems.

5. Consider Veteran or Soldier Status

If you’re a veteran or a soldier, then you may be in luck. The American Red Cross is an example of a group that offers help to veterans and soldiers. This help is appropriate for costs that are on the urgent and time-sensitive side. If you’re a veteran or a soldier who is looking to swap out a tired and old central air conditioning unit, then you should browse all of your choices from there. You may be able to apply for veteran and soldier assistance programs via the Internet.

6. Research Nearby Choices

You don’t have to panic if there aren’t any programs that can help you buy a new central air conditioning unit. You may be able to find a group in your area focused on individuals interested in trading services and items. These groups often do not involve the use of cash at all, and you may have a talent that you can rely on in place of it. If you can repair a failing car, for example, then it may be possible for you to team up with an individual who can replace your central air conditioning unit. Look into websites that revolve around bartering activities.

7. Speak With a Family Member or a Friend

Family members and friends are supposed to help their loved ones out any time they’re in need. If you want to buy a new central air conditioner, then you may want to ask a trusted relative or buddy if they can assist you financially. They may provide help as a present or a standard loan that you can pay back without the hassles of frustrating interest rates. If you’re interested in buying a new unit without having to wait around, then the help of someone in your life may be priceless.

8. Study Up on Inexpensive Companies

You don’t have to rush the process of finding a company that concentrates on central air conditioning units. If you want to save a pretty penny on the purchase and installation of a fresh new cooling system, then you may want to study up on less expensive companies. Reading reviews on the Internet may be able to point you in the right direction.

9. Save Up

You may want to secure a temporary part-time job to save up for a new central unit. Working for a couple of months could be all you need!

10. Find Out About Used Central Air Conditioners

Think about pre-owned central air conditioning units. If you purchase a used unit in excellent condition, then you may be able to lower your expenses dramatically.

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AC Unit Standing Outside
AC Unit Standing Outside

Making the Most Out of Your Residential Air Conditioning Unit

It’s essential to do what you can to make the most out of your home air conditioning unit. You shouldn’t ever take a careless or slapdash approach. There are many ways in which you can take full advantage of your cooling unit. Intelligent air conditioning system use can safeguard you from all sorts of inconveniences and dilemmas. Optimal cooling efficiency should always be your number one objective.

Don’t Mess With Your Thermostat

It can be wise to allow your cooling unit to stay at 78 degrees, often considered the optimal temperature. You may raise it a little higher any time your home is empty. However, you should avoid lowering the temperature to less than 78 degrees. You may want to lower temperatures to cool your living space quicker, but cooling systems operate at the same speeds regardless of their established temperatures. If you tweak your temperature, then it won’t do anything to speed up the process.

You should ponder getting your hands on a programmable thermostat, an increasingly popular device. These thermostats can be fantastic for folks who wish to strengthen their air conditioner efficiency. If you want to put together a tailored cooling plan, few things can compete with the assistance of a programmable thermostat. These devices can help you steer clear of unintentionally squandering precious energy.

Switch on a Fan

It isn’t uncommon for people to rely on fan use for cooling applications at home, and many shut their cooling units off after it gets dark. This practice allows floor or ceiling fans to work their magic. Fans do not consume anywhere close to the same level of energy as AC units.

People who reside in warm areas often use fans a lot, as they can contribute to airy vibes in the evening hours. If you want fresh air to travel freely throughout your living space, then the assistance of a fan may come in handy. Fans can stop your cooling unit from having to tire itself out.

Shut Your Curtains

Natural lighting has the power to minimize lighting expenses dramatically. If you have an occupied room at home, then it’s a good idea to shut the curtains in the daytime. This practice is particularly advantageous for residences with windows facing west and east.

You should do what you can to stop direct sunlight from making its way inside of your home, as this can minimize your cooling unit’s work. If you want to optimize your cooling, then it can help to open your curtains or blinds during the night, as this enables heat to get out via your windows.

Say Farewell to Hot Air

It can be a terrific idea to try an exhaust fan whenever you’re cooking. If you cook a lot, it’s a good idea to invest in a resilient exhaust fan right away. Exhaust fans are capable of doing away with hot air. People who don’t want to have to purchase these fans don’t have to panic, though. They can utilize straightforward floor fans inside of their food preparation spaces. Fans can cool air effectively, and they simultaneously can transfer hot air that’s hanging out in kitchens.

Make Sure Your Cooling Unit Isn’t Close to the Sun

If you have a central system, you should strive to put it in your residence’s “north” spot. However, this spot isn’t necessarily realistic for everyone, so you can try planting lovely trees or shrubs close to your cooling system. Doing this can enhance residential cooling efficiency substantially. Plus, the shade can stop the sun’s aggressive ultraviolet rays from doing a number on your structure.

Try Out a Dehumidifier

Heat isn’t the only thing that can lead to a home feeling terrible. That’s because humidity can often be a considerable dilemma. People who own dehumidifiers can switch them on after temperatures go up. Eliminating excessive moisture indoors can enhance coziness and relaxation. It can often be wise to utilize a dehumidifier in conjunction with a fan.

Think About the Scheduling of Your Household Responsibilities

Cooking can make spaces feel markedly hotter, and so can washing machines and other kinds of household appliances. Do yourself a favor by handling responsibilities like apparel washing in the night. It’s also optimal to do so any time your residence is empty.

Switch Out Your Existing Air Filter

Air filters that are chock-full of undesirable substances can pose a problem, as excessive clogging is never a desirable thing. If you want to safeguard your AC from tiring itself out, then you should switch out your filter frequently, as doing so can minimize inefficiency.

If you want to protect yourself from time-consuming and exasperating cooling unit failures and similar matters, then you should stay on top of your air filters. Remember, too, that it can help you considerably to invest in professional air conditioning maintenance sessions. Adept technicians can do so much to keep your cooling system in check. They can nip cooling troubles in the bud.

At Edwards Air, we have over 30 years of experience in HVAC maintenance and installation. Our certified technicians are always willing to provide assistance and guide you through proper maintenance. Contact us for more information!

central air conditioner maintenance
central air conditioner maintenance

Did You Forget to Request Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Service This Season?

If you realized out of nowhere that you forgot to secure a professional maintenance service for your air conditioning system this year, there’s no need to panic. You always have time to take excellent care of your cooling unit, zero exceptions. Don’t ever mistakenly assume that you’ve run out of time to stay on top of your AC upkeep requirements. Yearly tune-up sessions can be a significant asset for cooling systems of all kinds, and that’s not a joke.

Note that it’s optimal to invest in air conditioning maintenance work before the beginning of the warmer months of the year. If you weren’t able to get maintenance work then, however, that’s okay. Nothing is worse than disregarding your cooling unit maintenance requirements completely.

The Advantages of Routine Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Why exactly should you get professional maintenance assistance for your cooling system once per year? Annual upkeep appointments, first of all, can help make your system a lot more efficient. Fatigued air conditioning units attempt to compensate for their ages by overexerting themselves. This overexertion can lead to costly monthly energy expenses for you, squandering a lot of energy. If you want to safeguard your budget and the planet at the same time, then you should opt for yearly maintenance sessions from capable and experienced professional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technicians.

Brand new air conditioning units don’t come cheap, which is another reason why routine maintenance can be so helpful. If you make a point to get tune-up sessions for your AC, then it can remain in excellent working order for years. People who don’t want to have to deal with expensive and time-consuming air conditioner replacement jobs are often enthusiastic about routine tune-ups and all of their perks. Maintenance work can be fantastic for the longevity of an air conditioning system.

If you can’t feel cozy and serene at home, then you honestly cannot feel that way anywhere. That’s another reason why regular cooling unit maintenance work can come in handy for you. Yearly upkeeping your air conditioning system can make it work its best, helping you feel at ease when home. If you want to feel fresh and content during the scorching hot summer season, then you should prioritize regular maintenance sessions from adept technicians. Enjoy pure indoor air quality leading to glowing health by stressing the value of routine AC maintenance.

Indoor air quality isn’t a topic to brush off. People should do everything within their power to enhance their indoor air quality, and professional AC maintenance service is essential for this.

If you don’t want to subject yourself to taking in dirty and icky air full of contaminants and pesky allergens, then you should stress the importance of yearly tune-ups. Annual tune-up appointments can protect you from all kinds of respiratory woes, even helping you and your family feel more alert and vibrant. If you want all the people you cherish the most to feel terrific all year long, then you need to invest in routine professional cooling unit maintenance work.

Dependability is everything in the contemporary age. It can be exasperating to have to deal with a cooling unit that doesn’t do its job correctly. If you secure routine AC maintenance, however, you don’t have to wonder about effectiveness and dependability. Why? Because maintenance work can make your cooling unit a lot stronger. People who don’t want to agonize over cooling systems that barely work can get a lot out of annual tune-up sessions. If you get tune-ups for your air conditioner, you don’t have to speculate about whether it will switch on for you in the first place, or overall performance. Spare yourself a lot of uncertainty by booking regular maintenance sessions.

People adore saving money. That’s natural, too. If you want to save big on your cooling system, then you should maintain it well. Thorough air conditioner maintenance sessions can identify issues in their early stages. If a technician pinpoints any trouble with your cooling unit, he can nip it in the bud swiftly, which can stop it from getting out of hand. If you don’t want to have to take care of complicated and costly air conditioning troubles, breakdowns, and beyond, then nothing can make more sense than getting regular maintenance work. Getting a tune-up each year can protect your cooling system from all kinds of significant troubles and setbacks.

If you get maintenance service for your cooling system, it can encourage you to take it easy. Life is too short to squander obsessing over the condition of your AC. If you want to take advantage of a higher level of ease of mind and relaxation, then getting a tune-up each year can go a long way. Tune-ups can defend systems from all kinds of difficulties.

If you want your cooling unit maintenance session to go smoothly, then you need to put a lot of time into finding a reputable and credible HVAC business in your area. You should opt for a local company that has a superb track record under its belt. Look for one that has adept technicians, too.

At Edwards Air Enterprise, we have over 30 years of experience in HVAC maintenance. We have an expertly trained team of technicians that can help guide you through your regular AC upkeep.

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HVAC Technician
HVAC Technician

The Intricacies of Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners are gaining significant traction nowadays. They differ from central air conditioners. The primary difference, of course, is that true to the name, ductless cooling units are devoid of ducts. They’re also completely free of central air handling units. If you’re currently exploring your choices in cooling systems, you should learn all that you can about the ductless category.

Superior Energy Efficiency

If you’re keen on the idea of enhancing your energy efficiency at home, the ductless route may be ideal for you. Ductless air conditioners do not depend on combustible fuels. They don’t give off any combustion gases at all, either. That’s why they don’t call for venting or ducts. It’s also why they’re so advantageous for energy efficiency purposes. They don’t lead to the escaping of air and associated significant energy use. People who want to take their home energy efficiency approaches to the next level are often big ductless unit fans.

Reduced Costs

Who doesn’t like slashing costs? Most people do. Ductless air conditioners can do wonders for people who want to decrease their expenses dramatically. Generally speaking, these units do not consume as much energy. To revel in the joys of lower monthly utility expenses, then the ductless options might be right up your alley.

Space Conservation

Ductless air conditioners aren’t quite as large. If you reside in a somewhat tight place, then you may appreciate these units’ smaller size. Ductless systems can be ideal for people who want to conserve significant space.

Central ACs tend to be enormous. While window units, at the other end of the spectrum, tend to protrude, and they’re often eyesores. Ductless air conditioning systems are composed of a couple of sections. They have external heat pumps or compressors and internal air handlers.

A+ Air Quality Indoors

Everyone should strive to revel in five-star inside air quality. The last thing you want for yourself or your dear family is to take in impure and tarnished. If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality, then it can help you greatly to opt for a ductless system.

Outstanding indoor air quality can be particularly beneficial for households with respiratory concerns like asthma or allergies. Ducts enable all sorts of undesirable substances to collect, such as muck, dirt, and dust. Steer clear of icky allergens and pollutants in general by choosing a ductless option for your spaces.

Ductless ACs can be fantastic for family wellness. Don’t forget that they can even offer invaluable dehumidification perks.

Speedy Installation

It can be such a hassle to have to deal with time-consuming and sophisticated AC system installation requirements. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem for people who take the ductless path.

Standard cooling unit installation can be elaborate and bewildering, zapping people of a lot of time. Installing fresh new ducts can be a dilemma. Ductless unit installation, however, is pretty speedy. If you don’t want to have to worry about residing in a hot and stuffy setting, then ductless unit installation may be what you need. Ductless unit installation generally doesn’t call for repeat visits from technicians.

Decreased Maintenance Requirements

Most people don’t want to have to tolerate air conditioning systems that demand lots of maintenance work. Spare yourself from the hassle of having to handle significant upkeep regularly by going for a ductless system.

You don’t have to do much to maintain your ductless unit to a T:

  • Regular filter cleaning is essential.
  • See that the wall unit’s vents are devoid of blockages.
  • Don’t ever forget to make sure that the outdoor section is free of debris and clutter. That’s because it’s critical to stay on top of the flow of air.
  • Remember, standard air conditioning units force people to have to manage duct cleaning duties.

Environmental Assistance

If you want to secure an environmentally friendly cooling system, then you should look into ductless choices right away. Since they’re a lot more energy efficient, they can substantially minimize peoples’ carbon footprints. Sustainability enthusiasts are often big fans of ductless cooling systems, and so are people who want to lower their energy consumption.


It can be irritating to realize that your cooling unit is overly noisy. Ductless air conditioning systems, though, never are. They are, in many cases, the definition of serenity.

If you want to invest in a cooling unit that’s never close to loud and disruptive, then you should concentrate on the ductless sector. Noisy AC systems can make you feel like you’re on the verge of going insane, even stopping you from getting things done any time you’re hanging out at home. If you want to update your air conditioning approach, then it’s up to you to look into all the available ductless choices. Ductless units may be the wave of tomorrow!

Edwards Air has been serving the Jupiter, FL area for well over 30 years. We are known for our top-quality service and our knowledgeable and friendly staff of HVAC experts. If you’re looking to change to ductless air conditioners, contact us!