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Licensed vs. Unlicensed Contractors

Why Using a Licensed Contractor is Best

Using Licensed Contractors

Imagine your air conditioner breaks. As you debate who to call to take on the job, remember using licensed contractors always is best. While you know you could always hire an unlicensed contractor and save a few dollars, hiring a contractor who is not bonded or insured is not a risk you want to take. In addition, what you think may save you money may end up costing a whole lot more than you could have bargained for. Most importantly, it is highly recommended that you hire an appropriately licensed, insured and bonded contractor.

Liability Insurance

Contractors should carry both liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance protects you, the homeowner in the event the contractor causes damage to your home or property. A standard homeowner’s policy will probably not cover in-home employees. Liability insurance protects against bodily injury by providing coverage if someone you employ is injured or worse by providing medical care for the injured and covering any legal defense you may need. It can provide coverage to any projects left unfinished or that have caused damage.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation will cover any injuries a contractor may experience while working on your home. While your homeowner’s policy may cover the cost of these claims, it can also raise your premiums or prevent you from getting future coverage.


Bonding is quite different from insurance. While insurance covers injuries and damages, bonding guarantees that your contractor will complete the work promised.

Edward’s Air
Remember, a licensed contractor will always provide better and more reliable service and if an issue does arise, you have recourse. You can count on Edward’s Air to always be properly insured and bonded. We provide swift and accurate HVAC repairs in West Palm Beach, The Treasure Coast, and North Palm Beach. We are a Trane Authorized dealer and our HVAC specialists are trained in all areas of heating and cooling.

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Edwards Air Enterprise is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing A/C replacements, repairs, maintenance and duct cleaning for over 27 years. Our company is well-known in the communities we serve for providing professional service at a reasonable price on all brands and models of air conditioners. We know treating our customers exceptionally well is the key to a successful business and the reason for our repeat business and referrals.

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Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning Tips

Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning

Edwards Air- Providing service for all of Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning needs

Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning Tip: Common Causes of AC Failure

When your Palm Beach Gardens air conditioner stops working you’ll want to have it fixed fast. There are many reasons your air conditioner may fail, and it is helpful to be aware of some of them.

Human Error

It may sound obvious, but check the setting of your air conditioner. It’s always possible that you accidentally set the temperature too high so your air conditioner does not kick in. Make sure that thermostat is set “cool” and that everything is plugged in. Ensuring that these simplest of problems are not the culprit is the best place to start.

Dirty Filters or Ice Build-Up

Low output of cold air could be due to dirty air filters, ice build-up on coils, or air duct problems. Dirty air filters that need to be replaced can weaken airflow.  Ice build-up on the coils can cause major blockages which reduce the amount of cold air output.  If air ducts have become disconnected or have leaks it can cause air to go into unused spaces.

Improper Refrigerant Charge

An AC that does not cool the air properly can be caused by a few things: there could be low refrigerant charge, a refrigerant leak, or a worn out or broken compressor.  With low refrigerant levels or a low refrigerant charge comes a decrease in how much cold air the AC can create.  This can be caused by a slow refrigerant leak or an AC that has not been properly maintained.  If the compressor has worn out or is broken it will also affect how well the air conditioner cools the air, causing the air to still blow but at an undesirable temperature.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners that leak water could have a condensate pump or condensate drain problem. It could also mean that the pool drip pan is full, causing the automatic sensor to turn off the air conditioner to prevent overflow.

We hope that this information is helpful. It’s always good to keep informed, but remember that any maintenance or repairs on your air conditioner should be performed only by professionals.  Call Edwards Air Conditioning  for all your Palm Beach Gardens air conditioning needs.