UV lights and Indoor Air quality

Discover a bright solution to germ pollution.

UV lights (Ultra Violet) use powerful rays of ultraviolet light to control and kill contaminants like viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold that build up in your home when you have inadequate air ventilation or high humidity. Installed inside your duct system,  UV lights improves the air in your entire home keeping you and your family happier and healthier.

How UV Lights Work

Powerful control of your home’s air quality

Even when your heating and cooling system isn’t running , UV lights work continuously to destroy contaminants. The dual-lamp design of the UV light offers the highest intensity on the market today. Plus, there’s no emission of ozone—a known lung irritant—so your family can breathe easily and comfortably.

Helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently

Buildup of mold and other microorganisms inside your heating and air-conditioning equipment can compromise system performance. By killing germs that may live on ducts or coil surfaces, UV  lights help keep your HVAC system clean and running at peak efficiency.

Remember 50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by, polluted indoor air. Contaminated home comfort systems (air conditioning and heating) can become a breeding ground for biological contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and mold.

The system can distribute contaminants throughout your home. 1 out of 6 people who suffer from allergies do so because of fungi and bacteria in the air ducts in the home. Levels of pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher, and occasionally 100 times higher, than outdoor levels. Children, elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems benefit the most from fewer airborne pollutants.

If you have questions about UV Lights, call Edwards Air Conditioning of Jupiter Florida. We have proudly been serving  Palm Beach, Martin, and Port St. Lucie County for over 29 years.

Indoor Air Quality: How it can affect you

How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect You

Take a big breath and relax. Feels good, I bet?

Not to be a killjoy, but are you in your home? If so, you might be shocked if you knew how many toxins you just pulled in, including chemical vapors, microbes, mildew, viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen, allergens and more. Wait…are you serious?

The EPA found in a survey that Americans spend 87% of their lives inside, and that indoor air pollutant levels are up to 100 times higher than levels you may find outside. Yikes! Now think about the fact that you breathe an estimated 3,000 gallons of air every day. And that means your family does, too. So does your pet.

When it comes to what we consume, it’s all the rage to go organic or upgrade your faucet with the latest filter, but how do we upgrade the air we breathe? Honestly, people, we can’t take indoor air quality for granted. Not anymore.

You really need to increase the quality of the air you breathe indoors. You’ll notice the following improvements:

  1. Improve your health. That’s right. And actually, 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air according to the American College of Allergists.
  2. Reduce? your energy consumption. How? Cleaner air enhances how efficient your heater/AC works. Want to enjoy a “smaller carbon footprint” and “lower costs over time?”
  3. A properly maintained heating and cooling system. Better air quality keeps heating and air conditioning components from corrosion, microbials, dirt and debris.

If you like DIY projects, you can definitely take steps to improve the air quality in your home. But even the most mechanically-minded homeowners can’t do it all…and that’s where Edwards Air Conditioning in Jupiter/ Palm Beach Gardens can step in and help. With a wide selection of quality equipment choices, knowledge and expert service—for all makes and models, 24 hours a day—you can take that deep breath indoors and know you can relax with improved indoor air quality.

Importance of having an Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like a car needs regular maintenance, your air conditioning and heating system requires regular Air Conditioning maintenance to keep it running as efficiently as possible. So here are some reasons that Air Conditioning Maintenance is important for your home comfort system.

Bottom Line- HVAC maintenance saves you money.

Proper maintenance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will help reduce electrical consumption and therefore lower your utility bills. It can help increase the life span of your equipment, thus reducing the need for expensive repairs.

What are some things you can do to get the most from your air conditioning and heating equipment?

Regular filter changes are an important part of your indoor environmental quality and HVAC equipment condition. Filter changes are first and foremost the most important element to air conditioning and heating system maintenance. Filter changes should be done monthly and/or quarterly depending on the filter type. Changing the filters of your ac equipment is a rather simple task with multiple benefits. Clean filters promote clean air, reduce allergens in the work space and allow for proper refrigeration process and pressures. What this means to you and your commercial building is a more productive work environment that promotes healthy living. It maximizes air conditioning capacity and gives you the full benefit of cooling, plus decreased electricity consumption results in lower utility bills and decreased overall operating costs.

Healthy, Productive Living + Money Saved = Happy Home Owner!

Additional items to add to your air conditioning maintenance list for getting the most value out of your air conditioning equipment include the following:

  • Clean drain lines and drain pans quarterly. Condensate treatment should be done to ensure proper drainage and to reduce the risk of water damage to the building.
  • Check and tighten belts quarterly. Tightening belts is critical to ensuring proper air volume, which affects the refrigeration process and cooling capacity. (lower utility costs.) If a belt breaks, your system will freeze up, causing potential water damage and compressor failure. If this happens, the ability to produce conditioned air is lost. Experiencing downtime of your air conditioning equipment can be disruptive to a productive work environment. Plus, emergency calls can cost upwards of an additional 30% due to overtime rates. Simple, regular maintenance can eliminate this risk.
  • Coil Cleaning. Clean coils annually and you can reduce electricity consumption, increase the overall efficiency of your unit, keep the air cleaner, increase the overall lifetime of the system and reduce repair costs. All that for a simple annual maintenance move that can be done quickly and at a minimal cost depending on the condition and location of your equipment.
  • Ensure Proper Refrigerant Levels. Checking refrigerant levels and pressures ensures proper dehumidification, which removes moisture to ensure a comfortable, cool and dry space.
  • Check electrical connections / motors. Oil and lubricate bearings to reduce friction (overheating). Reducing friction and heat will help decrease energy consumption and lower your utility costs.

General maintenance. There are other general maintenance items that can be done to keep your air conditioning system running at its optimal efficiency. Contact us today for a free building evaluation. We will inspect the equipment and provide a maintenance proposal specifically to meet you building and equipment’s needs.

Edwards Air providing Jupiter Air Conditioning Maintenance for over 25 years. Proudly serving all of Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie County. Contact us today for any of your Air Conditioning needs and follow us on Facebook.

edwards air conditioning services
edwards air conditioning services

Maintaining Air Conditioning Coils

Maintaining Air Conditioning Coils

What Are the Coils and What Do They Do?

Maintaining your home or business’ Air conditioner may seem like a daunting task, but your air conditioner is one of the most expensive and necessary things in your home, so it pays to take care of it. The coils are the some of the most important parts of your A/C system. The evaporator coils absorb heat and humidity from the air inside your home or office and then the condenser coils expel that heat outside your building. A/C coils are heat exchangers that transfer heat to and from the refrigerant running in the loop between the outdoor A/C condenser and the cooling equipment inside your house. When these coils get dirty, they cannot absorb heat and humidity. Regular coil cleanings are highly recommended to transfer heat effectively.

What Happens if the Coils are Not Maintained?

  • Higher energy bills – Your A/C system works harder and runs longer when the coils are dirty. This uses significantly more electricity raising the amount of your electric bill.
  • Frequent Breakdowns – The wear and tear of your system running harder causes parts to wear out faster and break.
  • Shorter System Lifespan – The increased wear can cause your system to die faster than expected. This is can be very costly.
  • If the temperature in your house is feeling uncomfortable causing you to turn down the temperature to make it feel better, you most likely have a problem that is costing you more to run your system.
  • I’m most cases it’s a small adjustment that can make a world of difference. Call us today for an evaluation! Edward’s Air will clean your coils with a smile. We have experts who can maintain your A/C unit supplying precious preventative maintenance. This will reduce your energy bills, lower repair bills and increased the system’s lifespan.

How Often Do You Need A/C Coil Cleanings?

Cleanings are recommended twice a year and more frequently depending on:

  • The age and condition of your equipment
  • Usage
  • Location and pollution levels

How to Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils

While there are home remedies to clean your air conditioning coils, it is safer and more effective to have the professional HVAC experts at Edward’s Air clean your A/C coils, so you know your conditioner is in safe and knowledgeable hands. Leave the A/C maintenance to those who know best and keep it running smooth.

Edwards Air Enterprise is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing A/C replacements, repairs, maintenance and duct cleaning for over 27 years. Our company is well-known in the communities we serve for providing professional service at a reasonable price on all brands and models of air conditioners. We know treating our customers exceptionally well is the key to a successful business and the reason for our repeat business and referrals.Call us at (561) 747-5795 or visit us at http://edwardsairenterprise.com for:

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